Saturday, July 27, 2013

I have a good camera...

This is NOT my own, i heard this yesterday and needed to share it...

I own a good camera, so I'm a photographer... I have a great calculator, pen, paper and math skills, so I'm an accountant... I read a book on law, so i must be a lawyer... I have a hammer, pencil, tape measure and level, I'm  a carpenter. It isn't the tool that makes the photographer, plumber, lawyer, accountant or carpenter. It's the skills learned, honed and perfected by the person that can use those tools, that make the desired effect become reality. I could never use my tools and make a set of kitchen cabinets - not ones you'd like in your house anyway, but with time, practice, instruction and patience one day i might be able to. You might be able to do your own taxes, but could you do them if things went wrong? Everyone does just fine when what they plan on doing happens, but the real measure of skill and aptitude comes from being able to deal with a problem.

Whats my point? Every week we see best men who are trying to organize a stag party, or company's trying to put on a year end summer BBQ, or sports teams and social groups and they call us and tell us what they want and how they want it. And inevitably more than half of them don't go off as desired. People don't show up, the day ends way too soon, or gos way to long. Groups lose their deposit, or the event gets cancelled, all because the "customer" knew best... We do this EVERY DAY. Through time, experience, education and trials, we have learned how to make a paintball event go off as desired, every time. So next time let the professionals help you make your paintball event go exactly as you want it to go. Throwing a stag party? Want some great photo's to remember the event? Maybe a beer garden? Maybe food? Maybe a safe ride home, etc? Tell us what you want, how you want it, and leave the work to us... Staff BBQ and paintball day? Have us organize the event, arrange for catering games, contests etc. Give us all your details, tell us EXACTLY how you'd love to see it go, and let us make it a reality for you. It's that easy.


  • If you love your staff and want to give them a summer end BBQ to remember, call us.
  • If you have a stag party and you want it to be the best thing ever - CALL US.
  • Want the absolute best family reunion ever known - you know what to do... CALL US
We can make ANY event you want be the most exciting, adrenaline filled day EVERYONE will remember.

Just call us.