Thursday, September 26, 2013

IRENE!!! I say again IRENE!!!

Well another year, and another epic scenario day. Thanks to all our sponsors yet again - It's your help that makes this all come together. I hope that you all enjoyed yourselves and that you found value in our event. There is nothing worse than spending money and feeling like it wasn't worth it. That being said none of this would have worked out if it wasn't for our amazing customers! You guys lived the event - roll played and became the characters in the movie! It was all of you that made the day truly special. Thank-you.

So in keeping with Valley Combat's ideals - we want to make it better next time. We want you to wait impatiently for our next big scenario, nervously waiting, signing up for the "special squad" not knowing if you've made the best or worst decision in your paintball playing career.  We want you all to be like "OMG i can't believe it, this was the coolest most awesome day of paintball ever!!!!" each and every time we put on an event. SO this is your time to shine, this is what we need from you to make it happen;

Tell us what you thought... Give us the goods - in writing. You can post on this blog (Negative comments will be taken into account - but we won't leave a hateful post on the blog - so be honest but kind). Or shoot us an email, All comments good or bad (within moderation) will be re-posted to our blog anyway, so save us some time and comment here if you can.

Secondly, for those of you who have never been - listen up. This weekend gone past we set some firsts in Canadian paintball history (or at least the first we've heard of it - so we'll take the bragging rights until someone corrects us).  We delivered players to the field in a helicopter! We delivered more players to the field in  a Hummer troop transport. We had "press" on the field filming! (ok, im sure others have too, but hey - we're bragging here -ok?) Also we were paid one of the best compliments i've ever received doing this sort of thing, and i quote " You guys really do a great job here. Other fields have scenario's - but they are more just like "themes", you guys really go the distance, the players actually follow a story and become part of the movie. It's amazing - really well done!". Hear that? We don't just call it a scenario and have everyone play paintball - we tell a story and have you act out the events. It's NOT the same as other fields - big or small. It's something all together different. Ask those who post here, ask those who have played - i bet they say it's amazing compared to any other scenario they've been to... You should try it once and add yourself to the ever growing list of players. Be one of the elite! Where are my line backers at?!!

Ok, all horn tooting aside as i've stated earlier. None of what we do works without you - the player. So make us better so you can become better. Make us more so we can be more for you!

What's next?

What do you want to see? Favorite movie? Theme? What would be the next paintball scenario you'd like to see us do? Running man? Logans Run? Wolverines? Gangs of New York? Saving Private Ryan? Black Hawk Down III? Anyone? Bueller?

Tell us what would be cool - what you want to see, and if we have a consensus - we'll make it happen!

Finally, a few last words...

Think you've got a good bunch of guys you play paintball with? Think you might have a team of 5 that could kick my team of 5's ass? Prove it - put up or shut up. Our 5 man domination tournament is October 19th, and like everything we do - it's awesome. Think Call of Duty domination - but with paintball. Last year was a huge amount of fun and this year can be better - if you think you've got what it takes. I don't want to say my team is better than your team - but it is - unless you can prove different! :)