Thursday, September 26, 2013

IRENE!!! I say again IRENE!!!

Well another year, and another epic scenario day. Thanks to all our sponsors yet again - It's your help that makes this all come together. I hope that you all enjoyed yourselves and that you found value in our event. There is nothing worse than spending money and feeling like it wasn't worth it. That being said none of this would have worked out if it wasn't for our amazing customers! You guys lived the event - roll played and became the characters in the movie! It was all of you that made the day truly special. Thank-you.

So in keeping with Valley Combat's ideals - we want to make it better next time. We want you to wait impatiently for our next big scenario, nervously waiting, signing up for the "special squad" not knowing if you've made the best or worst decision in your paintball playing career.  We want you all to be like "OMG i can't believe it, this was the coolest most awesome day of paintball ever!!!!" each and every time we put on an event. SO this is your time to shine, this is what we need from you to make it happen;

Tell us what you thought... Give us the goods - in writing. You can post on this blog (Negative comments will be taken into account - but we won't leave a hateful post on the blog - so be honest but kind). Or shoot us an email, All comments good or bad (within moderation) will be re-posted to our blog anyway, so save us some time and comment here if you can.

Secondly, for those of you who have never been - listen up. This weekend gone past we set some firsts in Canadian paintball history (or at least the first we've heard of it - so we'll take the bragging rights until someone corrects us).  We delivered players to the field in a helicopter! We delivered more players to the field in  a Hummer troop transport. We had "press" on the field filming! (ok, im sure others have too, but hey - we're bragging here -ok?) Also we were paid one of the best compliments i've ever received doing this sort of thing, and i quote " You guys really do a great job here. Other fields have scenario's - but they are more just like "themes", you guys really go the distance, the players actually follow a story and become part of the movie. It's amazing - really well done!". Hear that? We don't just call it a scenario and have everyone play paintball - we tell a story and have you act out the events. It's NOT the same as other fields - big or small. It's something all together different. Ask those who post here, ask those who have played - i bet they say it's amazing compared to any other scenario they've been to... You should try it once and add yourself to the ever growing list of players. Be one of the elite! Where are my line backers at?!!

Ok, all horn tooting aside as i've stated earlier. None of what we do works without you - the player. So make us better so you can become better. Make us more so we can be more for you!

What's next?

What do you want to see? Favorite movie? Theme? What would be the next paintball scenario you'd like to see us do? Running man? Logans Run? Wolverines? Gangs of New York? Saving Private Ryan? Black Hawk Down III? Anyone? Bueller?

Tell us what would be cool - what you want to see, and if we have a consensus - we'll make it happen!

Finally, a few last words...

Think you've got a good bunch of guys you play paintball with? Think you might have a team of 5 that could kick my team of 5's ass? Prove it - put up or shut up. Our 5 man domination tournament is October 19th, and like everything we do - it's awesome. Think Call of Duty domination - but with paintball. Last year was a huge amount of fun and this year can be better - if you think you've got what it takes. I don't want to say my team is better than your team - but it is - unless you can prove different! :)


Saturday, July 27, 2013

I have a good camera...

This is NOT my own, i heard this yesterday and needed to share it...

I own a good camera, so I'm a photographer... I have a great calculator, pen, paper and math skills, so I'm an accountant... I read a book on law, so i must be a lawyer... I have a hammer, pencil, tape measure and level, I'm  a carpenter. It isn't the tool that makes the photographer, plumber, lawyer, accountant or carpenter. It's the skills learned, honed and perfected by the person that can use those tools, that make the desired effect become reality. I could never use my tools and make a set of kitchen cabinets - not ones you'd like in your house anyway, but with time, practice, instruction and patience one day i might be able to. You might be able to do your own taxes, but could you do them if things went wrong? Everyone does just fine when what they plan on doing happens, but the real measure of skill and aptitude comes from being able to deal with a problem.

Whats my point? Every week we see best men who are trying to organize a stag party, or company's trying to put on a year end summer BBQ, or sports teams and social groups and they call us and tell us what they want and how they want it. And inevitably more than half of them don't go off as desired. People don't show up, the day ends way too soon, or gos way to long. Groups lose their deposit, or the event gets cancelled, all because the "customer" knew best... We do this EVERY DAY. Through time, experience, education and trials, we have learned how to make a paintball event go off as desired, every time. So next time let the professionals help you make your paintball event go exactly as you want it to go. Throwing a stag party? Want some great photo's to remember the event? Maybe a beer garden? Maybe food? Maybe a safe ride home, etc? Tell us what you want, how you want it, and leave the work to us... Staff BBQ and paintball day? Have us organize the event, arrange for catering games, contests etc. Give us all your details, tell us EXACTLY how you'd love to see it go, and let us make it a reality for you. It's that easy.


  • If you love your staff and want to give them a summer end BBQ to remember, call us.
  • If you have a stag party and you want it to be the best thing ever - CALL US.
  • Want the absolute best family reunion ever known - you know what to do... CALL US
We can make ANY event you want be the most exciting, adrenaline filled day EVERYONE will remember.

Just call us.


Guns and Ammo!

Alright!!! It's been awhile, but better late then never. Well it has taken more than 18 months and left us near 2 years behind our initial business plan - but we've done it!!! Valley Combat is now a ammunition and firearms retailer!! Thats right folks, we now carry guns and ammo! Trying to keep us consistent with our current customer base we are carrying more of the tactical and tacti-cool designs of firearms, both restricted and non restricted, but will order ANYTHING you want - if it's available we will get it for you. AND since we have the ability to order what you might need, perhaps you can tell us what you'd like us to have? Is there a type of ammo that you'd like? Maybe tactical gear or gun bags, or drop pouches? Whatever you're needs, let us know and we'd love to hook you up!


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Shopping in the 21st Century

Well, it really is that time - Spring is sprung-ing, the sun and rain are fighting it out, and it's even brighter later at night. Time to dust of your gear, give everything the once over and get ready for a rocking good season of paintball. So what if you need something? Well 10 years ago you'd go to your local paintball store and buy it. Maybe drive to the city to pick up what it is you couldn't get locally. Not anymore... Now you just go to your Google machine, click in what you're looking for and Blam! There it is, priced, ready to ship, in your hands in no time. Isn't the convenience of science AWESOME! And i immediately know what you're thinking, "Why would a retail paintball store tell you it's ok to shop online"? Am i crazy? Why would i even write a blog post about online shopping? Isn't this counter productive to my own business survival? The honest truth to all those questions is yes - and no. While it is true that online shopping does not support your local business, or small business owners, it still stimulates the economy, and promotes a  more competitive marketplace. Which, at first thought might be an issue for the small time, local business owner. But I can tell you first hand, we at Valley Combat are proud to compete with the online sellers, and here's why.

There are several types of customers out there - ranging from the the ones we want, all the way down to the ones we don't - and believe me there are some customers money, that regardless of what they are willing to pay, we would rather not do business with. Today I'm going to discuss the "average everyday normal guy". Here's a guy that works hard, makes ok money, and has a once or twice a month hobby - paintball. Now he's not made of cash, and the price tag matters to him. He has to stretch his dollar - and this is where online shopping was born. How great is it that in 1/2 an hour you can price shop ALL competitors and get the best price guaranteed? So this guy makes his purchase, pay's the least for his product, and pulls out that credit card and lets fly the buying. Now, he didn't support local business, he didn't support a family. He supported a huge manufacturer probably overseas. His money didn't even stay in his own country - ALL BAD right? Well I'll be the first to say it - when cash it tight you do what you have to - we can't all be local business economy saving hero's all the time. The question I'm going to ask is this; did he get the best deal?

Price is, and has always been, only one part of any purchase. What about his costs of freight? Oh right, it's free if you spend "x" amount right? OK awesome - free shipping - for now. What happens if he gets his new "whatever" and its damaged, missing pieces or its incomplete? Well he has to send it back  - that's not free, and he's still without whatever he ordered - for even longer! SO, lets say he ordered his stuff, got it, and it was perfect... What happens if it breaks down or becomes defective? Months later he's still paying return freight etc. Then there is customer service! If he has any issues, problems, questions etc, what does he do? It's not like he's entering into an online chat with the seller for free advice. Accountability is the number 1 biggest item you do not get when you order online. Who do you go to for help for install, trouble shooting, warranty, or exchanges etc? It's all done via robot and post office or Currier experience.

My point here is buying online has some advantages, and some big disadvantages if it's done wrong. The entire purpose of ordering online is to avoid going anywhere, and to pay the least. But if you do it wrong, you end up having to go to the post office or to the USA border and mail forwarding place not once, but twice, or more times. And if you're paying for return freight, brokerage or duty and taxes at the border - then the costs start to climb. What is your time worth? Gas? Im sure now you're getting my point. Don't ever forget that buying local means dealing local - which will not only save you in the long run, but it also builds history with the business owner - which means increased customer service and a better shopping experience.

And if you do buy online, I will share one more pearl of wisdom; buy from an online seller that has a retail store location - reasonably close. You still get the advantages of online shopping, and shipping right to your door, with some form of accountability. You at least can make the trip to their actual location for issues and warranty.

Well, can't wait for the full swing of the paintball season to start, until then - happy shopping!