Saturday, July 27, 2013

Guns and Ammo!

Alright!!! It's been awhile, but better late then never. Well it has taken more than 18 months and left us near 2 years behind our initial business plan - but we've done it!!! Valley Combat is now a ammunition and firearms retailer!! Thats right folks, we now carry guns and ammo! Trying to keep us consistent with our current customer base we are carrying more of the tactical and tacti-cool designs of firearms, both restricted and non restricted, but will order ANYTHING you want - if it's available we will get it for you. AND since we have the ability to order what you might need, perhaps you can tell us what you'd like us to have? Is there a type of ammo that you'd like? Maybe tactical gear or gun bags, or drop pouches? Whatever you're needs, let us know and we'd love to hook you up!