Friday, November 2, 2012

And Here We Go!

Alright people, its time! (Imagine Bruce Buffers voice when you read that... Good right?)

That's right folks, its time for us to turn our rants, raves, trials, tribulations, and everything else that is on the mind of Valley Combat staff upon the world! Read first hand whats new and exciting, or whats boring and crappy, and everything in between. This blog will keep you up to date with all the happenings of the Valley Combat world. Included is our YouTube video's, as well as links to our website and Facebook page.

Sooo without further ado... (Drum roll please)... ... ...

Greetings and salutations my hordes of adoring fans, and welcome. Today I thought it would be suiting to discuss the off season paintball season. Yes that's correct, you heard right. There is a season of paintball during the "off season". Just because it rains or snows doesn't mean we can't let balls fly! It just means we have to be more intelligent about it, pick our games more carefully, and of course be ready for what the weather will throw at us.

First things first, if you're going to play outdoors in the fall and winter, you're going to need some clothes to keep you warm. I'll skip right over the "mom" portion of this and just say, dress in layers and bring a change of clothes. You DO NOT want to climb into your vehicle after a day in the rain and mud without fresh clothes.

Secondly, choose your game. It might not be the fast and furious games you've grown accustomed to in the 28 degree sunny summertime weather, but it can be just as much fun if you plan it out. I recommend some woods-ball in the winter; Its usually dryer due to tree cover, usually a little less muddy, and you can get some good tactical games in without having to run full tilt through open fields where water can pool up. Nothing worse than full gallop to full swim in 0.3 seconds. It will also allow you the luxury of playing with that bad ass pump gun you've been dying to use, but hate being out gunned with. Nobody goes full auto with a 30 round hopper and lives long enough to be proud about it. This is also a great opportunity to get your old "first gun" out. You know the 98 custom you put on waivers the day you got your new fully electronic, low pressure, high cyclic rate, paint slinging, nightmare causing, multi-coloured, overpriced paintball gun of doom. Ya put that bad boy to rest for awhile and take out the gun that started it all! The simple ones tend to really like the cold wet weather, and if you drop them, its not your next paycheck to undo the damage.

The benefits to tactical games; First it allows you to use tactics and practice your game better, rather than slinging buckets of paint, secondly it allows you to use WAY LESS PAINT than usual, which means you can buy the expensive Powder Balls. Why do you want the powder balls? Well, they're made of a wax shell - so impervious to wet weather, they are filled with powder - impervious to colder temperatures, which pretty much guarantee's a "no issue, no paint breakage in the gun" kinda day. Which in any weather is a great day of paintball.

And at this point i would be amiss by not saying GET A GOOD ANTI-FOG. No matter how warm, dry, and perfect your day outside will be, the cold wet weather will bring the fog of hell to your masks. We are strong advocates of Op-Drops if you're the "plan ahead" kinda player. Otherwise your only other choice is Fog Zero. Apply as needed, when needed, and your good to go for each and every game.

Well folks, that's it for now. Get your gear together, and get  your butt outside, and as always, play safe!

(I wanted to sign out with " And remember shop smart, shop S-Mart, but i didn't think anyone would get it, and we're not S-Mart, so it just didn't fit. But it would have been funny, trust me)      :)



Valley Combat said...

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Good start.......nice work!

Tammy said...

English teacher gives this first post an "A"! Good job, and great idea Valley Combat!